Lay Your Vision Down



Kim Nall & The Fringe

This fascination with the darker side of country, with sadness itself, can be felt on Lay Your Vision Down, but is balanced by the audible-if-restrained joy in Nall’s smoky voice, which winds its way through this record like a flowering creeper vine. Lay Your Vision Down’s ten tracks, clocking in at a concise 41 minutes, seem familiar in their engagement with classic country instrumentation and subject matter, but fresh and engaging in their reinterpretations of what country can be and do.
— The Dentonite

Kim Nall began singing almost as soon as she could talk. Born into a musical family, she picked up her mother's guitar at age 13, taught herself to play, and immediately began writing sad songs.

After moving to Denton, TX for college in 2008, she cut her teeth as both a solo artist and a rhythm guitarist in local bands. In 2015, she formed Kim Nall & The Fringe, enlisting a cast of veteran Denton musicians from bands like Spooky Folk, The Calmative, and Danny Diamonds to lend a hard edge to her dark, moody brand of Americana songwriting.


Vocals, Guitar / Kim Nall
Vocals, Violin / Petra Kelly
Lead Guitar / Matt Shasteen
Keyboards / Taylor Sims
Bass / Josh Kitchens
Drums / Charlie Moore


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